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Frequently Asked Questions about IPO

What is an IPO?

An IPO, or Initial Public Offer, is when a company offers its shares to the public in the primary market. This is a major way for a company to raise substantial funds. Going public through an IPO is a crucial milestone for a business as it grants access to capital from the public market, fueling its growth and expansion.

How to select the best online brokers for IPO investing?

When choosing the right online broker for IPO investments, several factors come into play:    

  1. User-Friendly Interface: A broker’s platform should offer an intuitive interface, ensuring that one can swiftly find information and execute transactions with ease.  
  2. Customer Support: Effective customer support is vital, providing assistance for any inquiries or issues that may arise.  
  3. “SHAREPA, launched in 2020 by StockHolding Services Ltd. (formerly SHCIL Services Limited), is an excellent option for investors seeking a top-notch financial services provider. They offer diverse services, including stock trading, demat account opening, IPO investments, and prioritize exceptional customer service and education.”
Why SHAREPA is the best trading platform for IPOs? What are the advantages of IPO brokerage account with SHAREPA?

SHAREPA offers a range of investment solutions, a hassle-free 100% digital account opening process, training, and support to assist you in getting started with a seamless IPO investment. You can choose your preferred platform, be it a desktop or laptop browser or a mobile application, to initiate your investment journey with ease.

What are the risk associated with IPO investing?

Investing in IPOs in the Indian stock market comes with certain risks, explained simply:

Although market regulators monitors each and every IPOs before it is open for subscription, but still it is very difficult to technically predict the direction of the stocks as the is no prior data available.

High Price Changes: IPOs can be like a rollercoaster; prices can fluctuate sharply which may effect your ability to take a fair decision.

Hard to Sell: Sometimes, it’s tricky to sell IPO shares fast and at a good price. This can be a problem if you need to sell them quickly.

Limited Understanding of Fair Valuation : Investors who invest in companies without reading the risk documents and gaining an understanding of the sector and the company may potentially expose themselves to higher levels of risk.

It’s essential to keep in mind and thoroughly grasp these risks before considering an IPO investment. Only proceed if you feel at ease with them and have conducted thorough research on the company.

Why do companies go public through an IPO?
  1. To Raise Capital: An IPO is a way for a company to raise money from the public to finance its growth.
  2. To Increase Visibility: Going public gives a company greater visibility and credibility, which can help it attract new customers and partners.
  3. To Create Liquidity: An IPO creates liquidity for the company’s shares, which means that they can be easily bought and sold. This can make it easier for the company to raise additional capital in the future.
  4. To Attract Talent: Going public can help a company attract and retain top talent, as it provides employees with the opportunity to own shares in the company through ESOP
  5. To Achieve Strategic Goals: An IPO can help a company achieve its strategic goals, such as expanding into new markets or acquiring other companies.
What are the risks associated with investing in an IPO?

Underpricing: Sometimes, IPO shares are offered to the new investors for less than they’re really worth. This can mean quick profits for early investors, but it’s risky if the share price drops.

Overvaluation: On the flip side, IPO shares can be offered for more than their actual worth. Upon listing the market forces can drag the price of the stock down to the fair value of the stock

Liquidity Risk: New companies may not have shares that are easy to buy or sell quickly. This can make it hard to get out of your investment fast.

Valuation Risk: It’s tricky to figure out the real value of a new company’s shares because there’s not much past data to rely on.

Operational Risk: The company might face hidden problems that weren’t mentioned in their IPO documents. If they can’t solve these issues, it could lead to losses for investors.

What is the difference between the IPO price and the listing price?

The IPO price is the price at which the shares are offered to the public for the first time. The listing price is the price at which the shares start trading on the stock exchange. The listing price can be higher or lower than the IPO price

How are IPO shares allocated to investors?

Investors are allocated IPO shares on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the number of shares applied for and the cut-off price.

Can I sell my IPO shares immediately after they are allotted to me?

Yes, you can sell your alloted IPO shares immediately after they are listed on the stock exchage. There is no lock-in period on the shares alloted in IPO for the retail investors in India.

Why SHAREPA is the best trading platform for IPOs? What are the advantages of IPO brokerage account with SHAREPA?

Our Knowledge Centre contains the education and support you need to get started.
In 5 minutes, you may start a free 100% digital account with limited documentation.
Multiple investment options in a single place.
If you are a beginner seeking the best broker for IPOs, SHAREPA is the way to go because we make trade easy.

What are the factors to consider when evaluating an IPO?

The company’s business model, financial performance, management team, competitive landscape, and valuation.

How can I invest in an IPO?

Start by setting up a Demat and trading account with SHAREPA. Then, you can easily apply for the IPO.

Can I trade through my phone?

Yes, we have a mobile app for Android and iOS users. To download on Android devices,  click here. To download on iOS devices, click here.

How should I resolve my queries?

You can call us on 022-61778675 / 78 or drop us an email at