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Frequently Asked Questions about Equity Trading

What is Equity Trading?

Equity trading is the buying and selling of shares of companies listed on the Indian stock exchanges, such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). It is a way for investors to own a piece of a company and benefit from its growth and profits.

What are the Advantages of Equity trading in India?
Investing your money in the Indian stock market can be a wise choice for a few good reasons:
Big Profit Potential: Imagine the Indian stock market as a superstar performer. If you pick the right stocks to invest in, you have a chance to make a lot of money, like hitting a jackpot in a game.
Spreading Your Money Around: When you invest in stocks, think of it like having different kinds of eggs in your basket. These eggs (stocks) don’t all move in the same way. So, if one goes down, the others might go up. This helps make sure you don’t risk all your money on one thing.
Easy Buying and Selling: It’s as easy as going to a store where you can buy and sell things quickly without making prices go crazy. This means you can get your money back when you need it without much fuss.
Tax Perks: Here’s a little bonus – if you make money from your stock investments in India and you keep them for a while, you pay less tax on those gains compared to other types of money you make. It’s like getting a little discount.
Riding the Growth Wave: India’s economy is like a rocket that’s shooting up into the sky. This can help your investments grow over time, kind of like riding a roller coaster that only goes up.
But, and this is important, investing in stocks can be like a bumpy ride. Picture this: the value of stocks can go up really high and then suddenly drop low, like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. If you choose the wrong stocks or if the whole market takes a dive, you might lose your money. So, always do your homework before you start, and only use money you can afford to lose. Think of it like playing a game – fun, but you need to be smart about it.
What are the different types of equity orders?

Market Order: This order means you want to buy or sell a security right away at the current market price. It’s the most common, but it doesn’t ensure you’ll get your desired price.

Limit Order: When you place a limit order, you’re specifying a particular price for buying or selling. It only gets executed if the market prices matches upon that price you have entered

Stop-Loss Order: This order is like a safety net. It automatically sells your security if its price drops below a certain level, protecting your investment.

Good Till Cancelled (GTC) Order: GTC orders stay active until they’re completed or you decide to cancel them.

Day Order: This order lasts only for the day; if it’s not executed by the day’s end, it’s canceled.

Choose the order type that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Whether you plan to hold stocks long-term or safeguard your investments, understanding these orders is crucial before you start trading.

What are the risks involved in equity trading?

Equity trading involves risks such as market risk, stock-specific risk, volatility risk, liquidity risk, leverage risk, information and execution risk, emotional bias and psychology, and regulatory and policy risk.

How do I manage my risk when trading equities?

Diversify your portfolio. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your money across different stocks, sectors, and asset classes.

Use stop-loss orders. This will automatically sell your shares if they fall below a certain price.

Do your research. Before you invest in any stock, make sure you understand the company and the industry it’s in.

Don’t trade on emotion. Don’t buy or sell stocks based on your emotions, such as fear or greed.

Be patient. The stock market is volatile, so don’t expect to get rich quick. Be patient and let your investments grow over time

Are there any fees associated with equity trading?

Yes, Rs- 20/- per order. Equity cash delivery is 0.01% on trade value.

Can I trade through my phone?

Yes, we have a mobile app for Android and iOS users. To download on Android devices,  click here. To download on iOS devices,  click here.

How should I resolve my queries?

You can call us on 022-61778675 / 78 or drop us an email at