Top 5 Benefits of a Demat account

Where do you store your clothes?

Most likely in your wardrobe….

So then your wardrobe is your Demat account and your clothes are your shares.

As simple as it is!

Demat account is used to store your shares and securities which you buy/sell through your trading account.

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Now that you know what is a trading account and what is a demat account, let us learn about some of the most important benefits of a demat account.

Easy access:

Accessing and managing physical certificates is not an easy task. On the other hand, accessing documents online and managing your investments is just a few clicks away, and you can do it any time, anywhere from your computer, phone, etc.

Highly secure:

Demat account is to hold your shares and securities in an electronic form which is a lot safer as compared to when kept in a physical form. The physical certificates can get lost or be stolen. However, with a Demat account, it is possible to keep it safe and secure.

Easy performance tracking:

It gets difficult to track the performance of all your investments. However, if you have a Demat account, it becomes really convenient to manage your investments and you can track performance easily too through a single account.

More economical:

As compared to physical certificates that involve a lot of additional costs like stamp duty, handling fees, etc, holding shares in an electronic form in a Demat account is a lot cheaper. Thus, having a Demat account is cost-effective.


What makes Demat accounts even more essential and useful in today’s age is its ability to save time. Making a transaction is a lot quicker when done through a Demat account online as compared to going out and physically performing paperwork. This will also enable you to do more transactions due to the ease and speed at which they can be done.

Eliminating odd lot issue:

With physical certificates, there were rules about the number of securities that you buy. However, with a Demat account you do not face any odd lot issues and you can buy even a single security.

Wrapping up…

Now that you are aware of the advantages of a demat account, start your investing journey now just with a few clicks by opening a FREE Demat account with us. If you want to explore other stock brokers, here are some of the most important tips to choose the best stock broking house. Irrespective of which stock broking company you choose, you must be careful while making your first investment. Here are some of the stock market investment tips before you start.

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