Top 4 stock market investment myths

“Stock market is dangerous!”

How often have you heard this statement?

We all have heard such things about investing in the stock market, and this is exactly what is keeping us away from learning and exploring more stock market investment.

However, today you are going to learn something about investing in the stock market, as debunk these myths for you.

Here we go…

Myth 1: Investing in the stock market is like gambling.


This is one of the most widespread misguided advice about investing in the stock market based on a few loss stories. In reality, stocks are not a luck game like gambling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is through extensive research and thorough analysis that you have to devise a strategy to boost long-term investing profits.

Myth 2: The stock market is only for experts.


Investing is for anyone and everyone who is interested in the market and intends to build wealth in the long term. All it needs is a certain amount of knowledge and the ability to identify the right shares, which comes with experience. It is a continuous learning process and one develops it over time. So, if you want to start creating wealth, open a trading account and start investing.

Myth 3: You need a lot of money to invest in the stock market.


This misconception is keeping a lot of young people away from investing, and that makes us really sad. Yes, there are certain shares that are of high price, but you need not invest in high-priced stocks from the beginning. That should not stop you from starting to invest. Start small and then increase the amount as and when you gain experience and confidence.

Myth 4: Stock Market investments take up a lot of Time.


A lot of new investors feel that investing in the stock market is a time-taking task. It sure requires your time in the beginning, but as and when you get used to it, it takes only minutes to invest. Also, when we say it does take up some time in the beginning, it is less than 10 hours a month; and that too if you choose to do all the stock research by yourself. Otherwise, if you follow the recommendations, it might take even lesser than 2 hours a month.

The Final Word…

These are just 4 myths that we spoke about. There are hundreds of others being talked about out there. So, why believe something that we are not sure of yet. Try it for yourself before believing it. Also look at 3 Common Stock Investment Mistakes you can commit. Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build your wealth gradually. All you have to understand is that, it is not an overnight game. Keep learning with Sharepa – Online Discount Broker as you explore and take small, yet smart steps.

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